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EMS Gliwice

EmSLIM / CmSLIM Gliwice

EmSLIM is the most advanced electromagnetic muscle stimulator based on non-invasive HI-EMT technology. EMS training is used to build and strengthen muscles and reduce body fat.

Electrostimulation is a modern and convenient method, thanks to which slimming does not have to be paid for with great effort. Building muscle mass has become easier than ever. And the effects are even more motivating than a personal trainer.

EMS trainings on certified equipment

At GlivClinic we use EmSLIM / CmSLIM. Unlike the cosmetic devices available on the market, it is medical equipment with a quality certificate, safe and effective. Other devices, which often have similar names and also look similar, do not have much in common with the original EmSLIM / CmSLIM. Only treatments on an original and safe device ensure the effectiveness and safety of the treatment.

EmSLIM / CmSLIM Certificate 2020-182 Rev00 Emslim – scad2024-05-27

A perfect body in no time seems impossible, but training with EMSLIM changes everything. The device uses applicators that generate an electromagnetic field causing muscle contractions. When you do a classic workout, these signals are sent by the brain.

The growth of muscle tissue is completely natural – the task of EmSLIM is to support you in overcoming your own limitations. Without exhausting, intense exercises that are often taxing on the body.

EMS training – muscle electrostimulation

Thanks to EMS, you can achieve much more than we are able to work out on our own. HI-EMT technology stimulates maximum muscle contractions in the most effective way possible. You have not experienced such a change in your body yet. During the procedure, the patient can relax, while EmSLIM stimulates the muscles to work up to 20,000 sit-ups or sit-ups!

You like sports? Gym and additional exercises can complement EMS training. Your trainer will be amazed at the results! For optimal results, it is recommended to perform EmSLIM training twice a week.

Cellulite reduction – the effect of EMS training

EmSLIM will be perfect for treatments in every body zone, including abdominal, buttocks, thighs and arms training. The dream figure has never been so easily available. EMS has specialized training sessions – you can choose specific ones or use them alternately, depending on your expectations. The Hercules and Venus programs will build your muscles. But the options don’t end there! The David and Aphrodite programs will noticeably reduce body fat.

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to physical activity on a daily basis, for example regular visits to the gym, use EMS training. Adjust the frequency of training to your abilities. EMS training is safe for joints and can accompany physiotherapy. The impulses reach the deep parts of the muscles, without burdening the places exposed to injuries when you do classic strength or aerobic training.

The first EMS training in Gliwice

HI-EMT technology is an amazing solution. Get to know the EmSLIM treatment closer and see that there is no room for further excuses – the dream figure is at your fingertips. Contact us by phone and book a visit.

Do you live in Gliwice or nearby? At GlivClinic you will find an excellent comprehensive offer supporting health, well-being and form.

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