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Children’s surgeon Gliwice

Children’s surgeon Gliwice

It is worth contacting a pediatric surgeon when children develop symptoms that indicate the need for surgical procedures. Most often, this is the next stage of treatment – when the cause of malaise has been found by an internist or a doctor of another specialty, a consultation was recommended.

It is also possible to make appointments with pediatric surgeons when a parent or guardian finds that specific ailments may require the intervention of a specialist in this field.

Usually, however, small patients are admitted to a general surgery clinic for children or to a pediatric surgery ward as a result of diagnostic tests or on the advice of a pediatrician or dermatologist.

Children’s surgery Gliwice

A pediatric surgeon is a general surgeon specializing in the treatment of children. He has extensive general medical knowledge and experience in performing surgical procedures, especially in children.

The surgical clinic and the pediatric surgery clinic are two separate units in our facility. The pediatric surgeon sees the youngest patients and constantly cooperates with an anesthesiologist and doctors of other specializations, the so-called non-surgical.

Pediatric Surgery Clinic Gliwice

Our pediatric surgery clinic is a patient-friendly place, a team of qualified specialists with an excellent approach to children. A child often experiences increased stress in medical facilities – we do everything to ensure that each visit of the youngest patients in our pediatric surgery clinic takes place in comfortable conditions.

Pediatric Surgery Clinic in Gliwice

Do you live in Gliwice or in the vicinity and want to make an appointment with a pediatric surgeon for your child or children? We invite you to visit our general surgery clinic for children.

The GlivClinic Medical Center offers a range of necessary diagnostic tests and the possibility of consulting doctors of many specialties – a pediatric surgery clinic is just one of the options. We also have general surgeons, diabetologists, gynecologists and neurologists.

If you want to sign up for a visit, we encourage you to use the convenient online registration form on our website or on the website.


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