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The main purpose of consultations in the field of aesthetic medicine is to analyze the patient's needs, present the best-suited treatments, and determine the possible results. Taking into account the fact that safety and natural appearance should be in the first place throughout the healing process, treatments should be selected individually.

Thanks to the availability of a wide range of treatments such as botox, hyaluronic acid, lifting threads, laser treatments, mesotherapy, etc. we can deal with many problems with a very good result. Not only a younger appearance, but also the correction of scars, discolorations, removal of skin lesions, reduction of excessive sweating, are carried out as part of aesthetic medicine. Achievements in the field of anti-ageing medicine allow you to significantly prolong a young and attractive appearance.

At the surgical clinic of the GlivClinic Medical Center, we provide a comprehensive approach to the patient also from the point of view of aesthetic medicine - you can immediately arrange a consultation with an aesthetic medicine doctor from Gliwice. To sign up for a visit, we encourage you to use the online registration via the widget available on our website or the Znany Doctor portal.